Connector Optics LLC is a R&D company specializing in the development and fabrication of heterostructures for photonics, primarily for high-speed VCSELs of the spectral range 850 – 1550 nm.

Connector Optics was established in 2009 in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Company production facilities are equipped with the state of the art Riber 49 MBE machine with various material sources available for use, and advanced
characterization tools.

Connector Optics is a team of professionals who came from Ioffe Institute (St. Petersburg, Russia) and Alferov University (St. Petersburg, Russia). These institutions are among the key world leaders in R&D of semiconductor lasers. In 2000 Academician Zhores Alferov was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his contribution to the research of semiconductor nanoheterostructures for optoelectronics that was headed by him in Ioffe Institute. Connector Optics specialists have longterm experience in epiwafer growth both for industrial and R&D purposes also by using unique growth techniques. 

Connector Optics is continually working on developing new types of nanotechnology products. The leading nanotechnology centers, such as the Ioffe Institute (St. Petersburg), Alferov University (St. Petersburg, Russia), ITMO University (St.Petersburg), Technical University of Berlin (Germany), and Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics (China), are the main customers and R&D partners of the company.

Connector Optics LLC welcomes to cooperation.

We offer the technologies of the future for the tasks of today!


Domostroitelnaya str., 16, liter B,
Saint Petersburg, 194292, Russian Federation